In the last years the user behavior changed from the traditional living room scenario with one TV set to a multi screen world with additional devices like smartphone, tablets, laptops and projectors for watching TV. The introduction of UHD will change how TV content will be produced and leads to an improved video quality for all simulcast feeds. The reason for this improvement is that the content will be produced in 4K with the newest cameras and production equipment. For the lower resolutions the signal can be perfectly pre-processed (de-noised) and downscaled, so that for the targeted resolution the perfect fit between image quality and bandwidth can be achieved. The viewing distance for 2nd screen devices is much shorter in comparison to the TV setup. This gives us the possibility to enjoy higher resolution video even on 2nd screen devices. Additionally these devices don’t have image enhancement functionalities like de-noising and de-blocking. If the video signals are already optimized for smoother streaming at the source, watching TV will be a totally new user experience also on 2nd screen devices. The UHD production is the key for generating every video in any resolution and bandwidth in the best possible quality.