Wavelet Beam Services offers an all-inclusive package for cleaning video content and film restoration. Nowadays the amount of UHD television sets is increasing. Thus, the quality of DVD and Blu-ray’s products also has to be increased, to provide the best viewing experience for the customers. Wavelet Beam Services is offering a noise management, which shifts your film material to the next level. Be ready for UHD.

What is more, at exhibitions like the IBC or NAB it is important to present your products in the best possible way. We'll help you to present brilliant, noise-free and sharp video sequences.


GPU Workflows

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Hands on training and consultancy services for FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free open-source software project consisting of a suite of libraries and programs for handling audio and video. FFmpeg serves as the engine for most of the largest cloud encoding farms in the world and gives you an alternative to commercial transcoding products.

Possible topics:

1. Quality matrix: VMAF and PSNR

2. Optimizing your bitrate ladder

3. FFmpeg automation on LINUX

4. Speedup encoding for Adaptive Bitrate Encoding

5. How to analyze files with MediaInfo, Bitrate Viewer, Apple's AVQT

6. Using FFv1 as Intermediate Format


GPU Workflows

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Video Encoder Comparison using Video Quality Metrices

As independent consultant Wavelet Beam is offering services for video encoder shootouts and optimization of video bitrate ladders. These tasks are time consuming and the measurement of the Video Quality Metrices needs a lot of compute power, which Wavelet Beam is also offering. In the design phase of a new video workflow, it is important to know all details about encoding speed and video quality in advance. Additionally, we are offering video test sequences, which makes it possible to measure parameters like resolution or dynamic range of the End-to-End workflow.


GPU Workflows

Perceptually Optimized Video Coding and Quality Measurement

In the last years Wavelet Beam developed a new and high fidelity noise management system. All our image analyses and enhancement technologies are based on the underlying model of noise and signal shares. This knowledge is what we are using in our Perceptually Video Quality Measurement process. As we learned, a lot of codec vendors don’t like to compare their encoders because real numbers would be a risk for sales. If you have a vendor shootout, Wavelet Beam Services will provide you with reliable numbers. If you are a codec vendor, the Wavelet Beam Perceptually Optimized Video Coding SDK is a great possibility to be two steps ahead when it comes to picture quality and ultra-low bandwidth encoding.


GPU Workflows


Collaboration between Cinelab London and Wavelet Beam

Vendor independent 35mm film test strips are available again


* 35mm test charts

* Test chart generation

* Image quality analyses

* Workflow analyses

The technical quality parameters of film scanners are changing over time. The sensor performance is decreasing and artifacts like dead/hot pixel will accrue. Also the noise levels can increase over time and the later you recognize quality issues, the more time and money you lose. In collaboration between Cinelab London and Wavelet Beam we offer 35mmm negative and print film. Additionally Wavelet Beam is offering the analysis of the scanned film material.


GPU Workflows



* Projekt Management

* Implementation


* Image Processing LIBs

* Algorithm Development

* Deep Learning for Video Analytics

DVB Services



* Project management

* Implementation

* System analyses

* RFQ's

* Test chart generation

* Image quality analyses