Get rid of noise and grain in your film and video content with our automatic and ultra fast GPU based low delay de-noising application. It performs strongly by RAW footage but also already compressed material can be very effective processed. Get the right cleanup for your different distribution feeds and homogenize your VOD catalog, so that your bandwidth ladder can be extremally enhanced. The picture quality of born digital video content with no noise but also 35mm film content will be optimized so that it is possible to produce ultra-low bitrates at highest quality.

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The Impact of Noise on Video Encoding

Video codecs detect and code redundant information. The higher the compression, the more less important information will be removed. Noise in the video content reduces the temporal redundancy and it is forcing the encoder to remove more original content. Applying a High Fidelity Noise Management before the encoding process reduces the load of the encoder.

* The ability of the encoder to recognize motion in a video sequence and to define the motion vectors can be badly influenced by noise. Motion vector accuracy is essential for a high quality video encoding process.

* When noise is present, the encoder will be forced to interpret noise as motion and this leads to faulty motion vectors consuming unnecessary bandwidth.

* Statistical Multiplexing: When a video service carries a lot of noise, it requires more bandwidth. Bandwidth is finite and depends e.g. on the used modulation. Thus extra bandwidth allocated on one service, results in taking bandwidth from others. A noisy service has the potential to cause another services to suffer. If there is excessive noise at one service within a statistical multiplex, the quality of several services can be decreased.

With IRIS you always get all of these three points:

* Higher Video Resolution

* Video Bitrate Optimization

* Video Image Enhancement

Software scalability and energy efficiency will be more and more important today. With this kind of technology, we are able to process huge video archives on a single system. IRIS is coming via a fully automatic installation setup for cluster, cloud and on premises systems. We are offering a fully automatic workflow for video noise management combined with an attractive per minute price via our SaaS solution.