Revolutionize Your Video Quality with IRIS: The Ultimate Video Noise Management Solution by Wavelet Beam

Wavelet Beam's IRIS Video Noise Management is here to transform your experience! Our innovative technology helps encoders distinguish between noise and actual image details, resulting in a higher perceived resolution in the encoded video and ultra-low video bitrates. IRIS's fully automatic process ensures seamless integration into your workflow, whether you're using cluster, cloud, or on-premises systems. Our solutions are highly scalable and energy-efficient, making them ideal for processing huge video archives on a single system. With IRIS, Wavelet Beam customers can enjoy higher video resolution, optimized video bitrate, and enhanced image quality. Our software also reduces video bitrate and faulty motion vectors, ensuring every detail is captured perfectly. Experience hassle-free installation and integration with our SaaS solution, offering an attractive per-minute price. Say goodbye to low-quality videos and hello to high-resolution, optimized, and enhanced video with Wavelet Beam's IRIS Video Noise Management.