The Mission

Shaping the future of Broadcast, Film and OTT Services by providing unique signal processing algorithms and creating state of the art GPU workflows.

Wavelet Beam is providing video noise management technology and AI-based upscaling solutions for the film and video industry. Our flagship solutions, IRIS and IRIS.RAW, are the Wavelet Beam Video Noise Management Systems, designed to help video professionals remove noise from their videos and enhance the perceived resolution of the encoded video. Our latest solution, IRIS.AI, takes video resolution to a new level with its AI-based video upscaling technology. We understand the importance of preserving high-frequency details in a video and the challenges that come with video compression. Our solutions are designed to help video professionals overcome these challenges and deliver higher quality videos to their audiences. With Wavelet Beam's IRIS Video Noise Management, encoders can better distinguish between noise and actual image details, resulting in a higher perceived resolution in the encoded video. Our solutions are highly scalable and energy-efficient, making them ideal for processing huge video archives on a single system. We offer a fully automatic installation setup for cluster, cloud, and on-premises systems, and a fully automatic workflow for video noise management combined with an attractive per-minute price via our SaaS solution. In addition to video noise management, we also help video professionals reduce video bitrate and faulty motion vectors. With IRIS, video professionals can enjoy the benefits of higher video resolution, video bitrate optimization, and video image enhancement. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best video noise management and AI upscaling Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in the industry. With Wavelet Beam, video professionals can achieve the high-quality videos they desire, without sacrificing scalability or energy efficiency.

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