This year at IBC Wavelet Beam will be guest at our technology partner ATTO (booth 7.A26).

We love to speak about GPU only workflows, picture quality, video noise management, bandwidth optimization and ATTO’s Direct2GPU Technology.

Join us at the ATTO booth 7.A26 Sunday, September 16th at 10:00 AM as Dirk Hildebrandt, CTO of Wavelet Beam, gives a short review about the work at Wavelet Beam, technologies for ultra fast image processing (CUDA & Direct2GPU) and how to produce any video in any resolution and bandwidth in the best possible quality.

There will be also a OTT Standup meeting (Saturday 4:00pm) at the ‚IBC BEACH’ (Directly at the waterfront): OTT Standup meeting (Saturday 4:00pm)

Here the latest update what ATTO will present at IBC 2018: